lunes, 7 de enero de 2013

The Dot 1º E.S.O.


In this activity, you are going to practice with the expressive possibilities of the dot. Remember that dots don't always have to be round, they can have almost any shape. What they usually have in common is their small size.

The materials you need for this activity are:

  • a blank sheet in your sketch pad
  • a pencil
  • coloured pencils or crayons
  • felt tip pens.
  • a compass

Let´s start: You have to draw outer space just using dots. All the planets and stars will be represented by dots in different sizes and shapes.

To create a 3D impression you should use these four ideas:

  • Size: Objects which are closer look bigger than the ones farther away.
  • Overlapping: Objects in the background are hidden by closer ones, which lay over them.
  • Clarity: Colours seem brighter and we can appreciate textures with more detail in objects closer to us.
  • Shading: to create the impression of volume try to apply colour in the same direction of the shape.

Step 1: Draw some big dots. These will be the nearest planets.

Step 2: Draw more dots, smaller than the first ones and hidden by them.

Step 3: Draw more dots, everywhere, but make them smaller and smaller.

Step 4: Apply colour. Remember to use brighter colours for the planets which are closer to us. Use felt tips pens to increase this feeling.

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